Welcome to the Ortiz, Lord, Hope & Associates website!

Our purpose

We are a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to add value to diverse educational organizations through the strategic analysis of their context and environment, through professional development and technical training of their human resources and, through action-research. Our values of integrity, respect for diversity, honesty, and service are our sustenance.

Our mission

Add value to organizations through strategic analysis of their strengths and challenges and, through the optimal development of their resources.

Our motto

Trust is the prize for an honest service.

Please call us. It will be a pleasure to serve you.


Our Services

We are pleased to present our professional services which are targeted to add value to organizations through strategic analysis and by fostering the optimal development of the organization’s capacities and resources. Our services generally consist of five operational domains:

Strategic Research and Market Investigation, Management Assessment and Organizational Development, Evaluation of Processes, Results and Resources.

Academic Consultancy, Planning and Marketing for Conferences, Congresses, and Special Events. We specialize in designing distinct services that address the unique needs of organizations.