Resiliency Strategies Title II A

Resiliency strategies applied to school transformation: Professional Development for Directors and Teachers of an Elementary School*

Toa Alta School District: Esc. Elemental José De Diego
Toa Alta School District: Esc. Elemental Violanta Jiménez
Bayamón I School District
Bayamón II School District: Esc. Elemental Amalia López de Vilá
Bayamón II School District: Esc. Elemental Inés María Mendoza
Cataño School District: Esc. Elemental Luis Muñoz Rivera I
Toa Baja School District: Esc. Elemental Lorencita Ramirez de Arellano

General Success Report
November 2007

General Success Report
January to April 2008

General Success Report
August 2008

Seminario Intensivo de Verano
Universidad Interamericana de Bayamón
18 de agosto a 29 de septiembre de 2007
Seminario Residencial: Reflexión y Creación para la
Transformación Escolar
Hotel Marriot Courtyard
Región de Bayamón
29 al 31 agosto del 2008
Seminario Intensivo de Verano
9 de junio a 3 de julio de 2008

*This project targets eight elementary grade schools of the Bayamón Region that have been identified as high risk. The students have ample necessity to improve their academic achievement through a scientifically-based development program for Directors and Teachers based on the Resiliency Model.

Download the full presentation in PDF here.

News Bulletins

Bulletin 1

Welcome to the new year to all the schools of the Bayamón region under our proposal titled “Estrategias de Resiliencia para la Transformación Escolar”. We begin this new school year renovated, joyful and full of energy after the intensive summer workshops at the InterAmerican University of Bayamón.
We share with you the first edition of our news bulletin Estrategias de Resiliencia where you will find a summary of the activities held between January and July of 2008. You also will find informative sections with topics related to our proposal and plans for the beginning of the school semester.