What are we?

An incubator and a business accelerator that supports the creation of new companies and adds value to start-ups that already exist, but are in their infancy. We offer training, advice, and mentoring to help them scale and sustain themselves within the country’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Who do we serve?

People with low and moderate incomes who have business ideas and lack training, access to resources and sources of financing, technical assistance, and support in the process of creating and sustaining a company.

Services offered to business incubators

  1. Research and training to refine business ideas.
  2. Development of focused and sustainable business plans.
  3. Access to sources of financing.
  4. Mentoring and coaching from experts who support the projects.
  5. Advice on marketing of products and services.
  6. Networking and media exposure.
  7. Space to establish your business for fixed low rent that includes utilities, reception, and meeting room, during the incubation period.

Services for business accelerators

Starting with a prototype of the “product” or eventual service, we help companies and start-ups grow in new markets, increase customers or export, including helping to manage seed capital and providing a shared workspace.

  • A research and benchmarking component are offered to achieve exponential growth.
  • An acceleration curriculum that includes training, advice, and grants through Business Angels.
  • A workspace, meeting room, project development, and networking.

Incubator and Accelerator Operation Standards

Impact Hub has a broad perspective on the types of incubators and accelerators it supports. As long as their nature derives from innovation, and supported by technology, there will be space to support entrepreneurs.

  • Our projects are supported to obtain certification by the National Business Innovation Association and form part of a university network for research support.
  • Our community projects or companies operate with the support of non-profit organizations to promote the economic and solidarity development of communities through incubation of micro-companies.

The operating standards for accelerators are as follows:

  • We support that the projects have a technological and pre-acceleration component
  • They must have the potential to operate in global markets
  • Have organizational maturity (have a functional prototype, growth potential, capacity to generate employment, interest, and a vision to expand or establish themselves in viable areas for investments that allow for the economic recovery of the Island).

Certification in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Creation

Accompaniment and mentoring
80 hours of training in the following topics:

  1. Entrepreneurship and leadership
  2. Pre-incubation and generation of ideas
  3. Development and construction of prototypes
  4. Prototype feasibility analysis
  5. Business plans and efficiency indicators
  6. Communication and marketing of products in local and global markets
  7. Permits and regulatory frameworks
  8. Budget and sources of financing
  9. Services to diverse clients
  10. National and international support networks
  11. Export and technological support
  12. Protection of intellectual property, copyrights, patents, and trademarks.